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100% Covert GPS Trailer Tracker

Trailers can be dropped off at the wrong location, lost, or stolen. While tracking devices can be easily hidden inside tractors, it’s much harder to disguise and power a tracking device on a trailer’s exterior, especially in the case of flatbeds or chassis.

TrackLight is a fully functioning light with a GPS module and 4G modem embedded inside a 4-inch round or 6-inch oval LED tail light, a side marker light or a combo light. It uses a standard wiring harness plug to allow for quick fitting without cutting into the trailer’s wiring. TrackLight’s easy installation minimizes time spent off the road.

Its innovative and effective technology uses the 4G spectrum but can also drop back to 3G if necessary for optimum coverage.

TrackLight delivers complete covertness, robust tracking performance, and the quickest and simplest installation for increased fleet visibility.

TrackLight reports to Anytrek’s secure web portal which allows you to view the location of your fleet, define geofencing perimeters around specific locations, create multiple landmarks, view asset utilization reports, as well as manage and share your trailer maintenance requirements to increase your operational efficiency.

Simple to install and powered by the trailer’s own lighting circuit, TrackLight is the perfect covert tracker for all trailer types.

Available in various models, designed for all types of trailers

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