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Anytrek’s AnyFleet web platform can be accessed for free with the purchase of any of our GPS tracking products.

The AnyFleet Platform provides the tools for you to monitor your fleet’s location and status, and much more. Once you become an Anytrek customer, your tracking data is securely stored and accessible to you for as long as you remain a customer, without any storage costs or expiration period.

Our web platform has many features to help you improve the efficiency of your business.

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Main Functions

  • Real-Time Location

  • Trails History

  • Landmarks

  • Asset Utilization Report

  • Share Location

  • Set Notifications

Our AnyFleet platform connects via a robust and easy-to-use API!

Many of our clients integrate data provided by Anytrek’s GPS tracking products into their own management platforms. The APIs use industry standard REST API calls which are secure and usually allow integration to occur within minutes. Clients using software from any of our integration partners (shown below) will be able to start using any of our GPS trackers immediately without having to configure anything.

Available in cell phone applications.

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