It is hard to imagine how a theft of a single load can cause a 26 year old company to collapse. But this is what almost happened to Sel Supply Chain Solutions in Texas. Dennis Martin, CEO, says that after the loss of a load of video poker machines valued at $700,000, “everything went downhill from there”.

With the prevalence of GPS trackers fitted to trailers, one would have thought that the theft would be noticed and acted upon quickly. But often that is not the case. In the US, recovery rate of stolen vehicles including trailers, is around 46.1%. Apparently trailers are being lost even with GPS trackers installed.

GPS trackers are a vital and necessary safeguard for your trailers and loads, but unless the alerts are monitored, valuable time can be lost and time is the greatest factor in successful recoveries.

Most GPS systems offer Geofencing functionality, develop the habit to always setup up a Geofence whenever your trailers are in an unsecure area, or have valuable cargo loaded. This way you will receive alerts as soon as the trailer leaves the monitored area giving you a head start in engaging the local law enforcement as well as the resources outlined below.

Following are some key resources that can assist you in finding and recovering your stolen cargo.


FBI Cargo Theft

The FBI has seven task forces around the country to help you catch the thieves and bring back your assets. “Cargo theft is a sophisticated and organized enterprise” says Special Agent Conrad Straube, “and we take this threat very seriously.” Following is a list of key contacts:


1. General FBI contact number: Dial 1-202-324-3000

2. Toll-Free FBI number: 1-800-CALLFBI (1-800-225-5324)

3. Email:

4. Call your FBI field office. Here is the list of FBI field offices and their contact numbers.

5. For cybercriminals file your complaint here.


Traveler insurance’s Special Investigation Group

Travelers insurance’s Special Investigations Group (SIG) is one of the largest and most comprehensive investigative units in the industry.

Their stated mission is to help customers recover stolen goods, specially in the cases of cargo theft. Since 2009 they have recovered more than $100 million in stolen goods.

You can call them at 1-866-336-2077. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with any inquiries related to cargo theft investigations.


“Trucker Path” Mobile App

Northland Insurance, a subsidiary of Travelers companies, focusing on commercial trucks, allows users to use Trucker Path mobile app. to report theft directly to their claim team, as well as to Traveler’s SIG. The company states that “first 24 hours of theft are critical” and the app “dramatically decreases the time it takes to alert all appropriate parties of the loss.” You can install the app from major app stores like Play Store on your mobile.



CargoNet Theft Prevention and Recovery Network

CargoNet was established in 2009 to combat cargo theft in the US and Canada. It provides a synchronized layered solution to this problem. This includes prevention and recovery through secure information sharing among theft victims, their business partners and law enforcement. Through a 24/7/365 Command Center it becomes an extension of your trailer and cargo security program. Read details of success stories here. For immediate help in theft recovery assistance:

1. Call their toll free number 1-888-595-CNET (2638)

2. Use this link to report theft to CargoNet

Stolen911 , located in California, has been helping in recovery of trailer thefts since 2007. Marc Hinch, founder and a licensed private investigator, along with his staff and online apps helps to find and recover the trailer. You can:

1. Call them at 408-461-7714

2. Use this link to report theft to Stolen911



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