The Importance of GPS Trailer Tracking

Trailer and cargo theft continues to be a growing problem for transportation companies all around the world. In fact, according to the IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada), cargo theft costs the Canadian economy 5 billion dollars every year. In the United States, this amount is even higher. And that is not taking into consideration the thefts that are sadly unreported and have to be taken on as tremendous loss for the companies affected. When cargo thefts go unreported, merchandise recovery and legal prosecution become very difficult and cost all parties involved a considerable amount of time, effort, stress, and of course money. But it can also have other unfortunate consequences like tarnishing the company’s reputation and affecting loyalty with customers and suppliers.

Reports show that over 70% of cargo stolen is taken from trailers and trucks directly instead of when it is being stored in a warehouse or traveling by air, rail or boat.

Clearly, something has to be done to help trucking and transportation companies reduce and hopefully completely stop thefts like these. That is where GPS trailer tracking, like Anytrek’s TrackLight, comes in!