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TrackLight Covert Trailer Trackers

Are your assets easy to find?

Get visibility on your assets

Trailers can be easily misplaced, lost or stolen. While tracking devices can be easily hidden inside tractors, it's much harder to disguise and power a tracking device on a trailer, especially flatbed or chassis trailers.

TrackLight provides a covert and innovative solution to monitor a trailer’s location. TrackLight looks, installs and works just like a normal LED tail light. However it is reliably recording and transmitting the location of your trailer every 5 minutes while on the move, and every 6 hours when stationary. The built-in backup battery provides power for up to 3 months of unpowered operation.

It's the perfect trailer tracking solution for when drivers or customers leave your trailer 'somewhere' and forget to inform you, or your dispatchers are searching for a trailer. Access your Anytrek web portal, and right away you can see where it's been, where it's going and take the appropriate action.

Empower your dispatchers

Knowing where all your trailers are can ease the stress on your dispatchers and improve the efficiency of your business. Being able to quickly and accurately locate an empty trailer can save time, fuel and frustration as well as getting the delivery on the road faster. By monitoring all your high-value assets you can know quickly which equipment could be getting you a better return. Relocate or sell unused assets, and help improve the ROI on what you’ve got.

Quick Specifications
●    Covert, discreet. Available in 4" round and 6" oval formats
●    Works, looks and installs the same as a normal LED tail light

●    Uses existing wiring loom
●    Draws power from the brake and tail light circuits
●    Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof
●    Uses the 4G cellular network for superior coverage
●    Standby battery provides up to 3 months reporting when unpowered

●    Low profile provides enhanced protection from impact damage

●    Lens constructed of high impact, scratch resistant Acrylic

●    DOT and SAE approved, certified to FMVSS: S2, T2, I6 specs

If you can change a tail light, you can install a TrackLight!

Now available with clear lens

Now using the 4G cellular spectrum!


TrackLight has revolutionized trailer tracking.  A completely covert, simple to install, robust and reliable tracker, TrackLight simply replaces existing stop/tail lights. Decoy lights are also available to provide matching lights for your trailer without having to purchase a second TrackLight.

DOT and SAE approved, TrackLight provides the ultimate in plug and drive covert GPS tracking capabilities. Designed to survive the rigours of the road, TrackLight continues to function when exposed to extreme temperatures, caustic trailer washes and will continue to report regardless of the state, or country its currently in.

TrackLight uses a standard wiring harness Fit 'N forget plug to allow quick fitting without cutting into the existing wiring and minimizes time off the road.
Anytrek can also supply adapter cables if your trailer uses the PL3 plug and Perma-Lok mounting rings, which provide secure mounting of the TrackLight and decoy without drilling, screwing or riveting.


Reliable, dependable and cost effective; TrackLight is the ultimate trailer tracking solution.

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Our latest release

Amber colored 6" oval TrackLight for trailer side lamps.

Not all trailers use either the standard 4" round or 6" oval tail light. However, almost all trailers use a 6" oval amber light for their side lamps.

For these situations, Anytrek is proud to announce the release of the amber colored 6" oval TrackLight which is a simple replacement for most side lamps. With all the same functionality and robustness of the existing TrackLights, it's the ideal covert solution for these situations.

Accessories for all installations

Perma-Lok ring (LA17031)

Anytrek provides all the accessories required to fit a TrackLight GPS tracker to your vehicle.

We understand that not all trailers are the same and there can be differences in wiring harnesses as well as mounting rings.

In order to simplify the installation process and to maintain the integrity of the wiring loom on your trailer, Anytrek has developed adapter cables that connect the common plugs found in the majority of trailers on the road today. Road tough and water and dust proof, these adapters will allow you to quickly and professionally install the TrackLights.

Anytrek also provides mounting rings designed specifically to protect your investment in the TrackLights while minimizing the effort required to fit them. Our Perma-Lok retaining ring is made of tough, durable plastic and is fitted with sturdy one-way locking claws and does not require drilling, screwing or riveting. Once the TrackLight is fitted into the Perma-Lok ring and the ring into the trailer, your TrackLight is securely locked in place.  The metal cover ring can fit over the Perma-Lok to provide a normal metal retainer look.

Our new addition to the accessory range is our grey plastic mounting ring. Similar in color to the TruckLite Model 44 light and ring combo, it is ideal wherever screws or rivets are the preferred mounting option.

Metal mounting/cover ring (LA17041)

Grey plastic mounting ring (LA17081)

LA16121 - Decoy tail light

LA17021 cable

LA17111 - Decoy tail light

LA17011 cable

LA16111 cable

The ultimate covert, plug and drive GPS trailer tracker.

Anytrek analysed the trailer trackers currently available and thought; there must be a better approach.
All the existing trackers shared some common drawbacks.

  • They required holes to be cut into the trailer in order to be mounted.

  • The trailer’s wiring had to be spliced in order to access power. 

  • They are very visible and provide an easy target for tampering.

  • They require the trailer to spend time off the road in order for the tracker to be installed.


We also looked long and hard at the types of trailers these trackers are attached to; dry goods trailers, reefers, chassis, flatbeds, soft side, tankers…
The result is TrackLight, a true innovation in trailer tracking.

TrackLight can help you if;

  • your trailers cross borders and are disconnected for a period of time .

  • Your business is leasing trailers. 

  • You have a distributed fleet that can be hard to keep track of.

  • You charge by mileage and need a tamper proof method to calculate distance traveled.

  • Your trailers can get 'lost'.

  • Your dispatchers lose time searching for assets.


TrackLight is the only covert GPS tracker designed specifically for trailer applications. Try one for yourself to see how it can benefit you and your business.

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