Ultimate Protection 

For Tanker Cargo

Connected Tanker Thermometer with GPS

Groundbreaking Innovation

Anytrek's ThermoTrack is a 4G connected digital thermometer which transmits cargo temperature data as well as GPS location co-ordinates every 60 minutes, providing real time monitoring from a web portal and smartphone apps.

It fits into the same fitting as a 3"/3.5” analogue thermometer, allowing for direct replacement of an existing analogue thermometer. 


Transmits Temp. and Loc every 60 minutes 

Ultra-Long Battery Life

Up to 6 months

Free of Calibration 

IP65 Sealed Enclosure 

Temperature Range: -58 F to + 257 F 

Suitable for Hot Washes 

Uses 4G Cellular Network 

Uses Replaceable Lithium Batteries 

Enhanced Customer Service -

Display Load Temperature

The functions of the Anytrek ThermoTrack are far greater than a standard thermometer. Temperature data and GPS coordinates are accurately recorded and automatically uploaded via the 4G network to the cloud server.

From the cloud server, it can be viewed from your desktop computer or mobile device providing real time monitoring, trail histories, and reports that will make managing your tankers a breeze. 

Provide your customer with a screen shot from the portal showing the temperature graph for the trip, including any hot washes prior to loading their cargo. Indisputable proof of the quality of your delivery.

Improve Operations - 

Rechargeable Battery

Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for your drivers to pull over and manually record the cargo's temperature. Instantly, this provides you with a competitive advantage in the industry. 

Tanker owners will have verifiable evidence on the cargo's condition during transit. Never lose a minute ever again on monitoring the temperature of your cargo. 

Protection on Loads - 

Ensure Quality Service

Improve relationships with clients by providing quality services in the transportation of every load. Temperature logs and GPS tracking wrapped into one device provides exceptional service for your clients.  

Best of Both Worlds.

Track temperature and location of your tanker trailers


Two types of thermal probes are available
Secure to the mounting bolt on the inside tank
Fits in the thermal well found on hot load tankers

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