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The vehicle tracking market in the USA is the most competitive in the world. There are numerous participants from resellers of products procured from Ali-Baba, to resellers of known brand, major telematics providers and lately large telecommunication companies.

All are competing for a slice of a very large market, but with products that on the whole are very similar in functions, performance, installation and customer experience.

Anytrek designs and manufactures all of its products and accessories with the design team residing in California and the manufacturing hub located in Shenzhen China, where 80% of the world's smartphones are manufactured.

Anytrek's focus is on designing innovative new products for the heavy road vehicle tracking market that offer unique, valuable and tangible benefits to customers, benefits that cannot be obtained from the standard products in the market.

Examples of these innovative solutions include the GPS Dash Cam, the only dash cam with a 4G tracker embedded within it, allowing the owner to see the location of their vehicle in real time (ok, every 60 seconds) on the Anytrek web portal or smartphone apps.

TrackLight was the next new product, and pushed the innovation levels even higher. Designed to look, function and install exactly the same as a normal 4" round tail light or 6" oval tail light, TrackLight contains a powerful GPS module, 4G modem and 3 month standby battery. It is the ultimate covert truck and trailer tracker, requires no installation and has caught the attention of some very large fleets. Recently the product range was extended with the addition of different colored lens.

Anytrek is looking for quality resellers who want to offer their customer base some unique products that will cut through the competitive noise, as well as offer a lower cost and maintenance level.

Anytrek offers generous margins, support, marketing and sale collateral and the ability to integrate Anytrek's products into existing web portals and FMS offerings.

For more information, either call Anytrek toll free on 1-844 872 6987 (during business hours PST) or use the contact form below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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