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Anytrek Fleet web portal is provided free with the purchase of any of our GPS tracking products. It provides the tools for you not only to monitor the location and progress of your fleet, but so much more. 

Our web portal has many features to help you improve the efficiencies of your business.


Create guest users who can view specific groups in your web portal

Utilization reports to identify  under

performing assets

Landmarks to define perimeters for

areas of interest and receive alerts 

Sort vehicles by landmarks and see how long vehicles have been there

IFTA fuel statistics calculated and ready to be download

Group your vehicles by type of vehicle, division, and area

Integration Ready - 


Behind the web portal is a powerful, scalable and secure back-end which performs all the communications and processing required to control tracking devices and process the data received.

Our portal is designed to offer customers the option of using Anytrek's existing web portal or a 'white labelled' version for larger customers. For customers using a 3rd party fleet management system, we offer secure,

industry standard REST API's for quick and simple integration into their own systems.

Improve Experience - 


Enhancing customer service to your clients is another strong point for the portal. Rather than having clients call you to find out the location of their load, our web portal enables your clients to see their load with a view-only function.


Your customer service operators email a one-time link to your customer who can then view only the progress of their load from their own computer. Once the  predetermined time expires, the session closes and cannot be reopended.

Maintenance - 


Keeping your vehicle's maintenance up-to-date will save you many headaches, and reduce costs that can sneak up on your business if you don't organize your fleet's maintenance schedule.


Our portal allows you to setup maintenance reminders by miles traveled or time elapsed. This includes oil changes, tire changes, and brake services.

Reminders can be emailed to workshop managers and dispatchers to allow them to pre-plan their operations.


Useful features to help you optimize your business
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