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I would like to introduce myself and our products.

We are a technology company specializing in smart trailers and tracking.

  • Do you REALLY know where your trailers are on a daily basis?
  • Do you occasionally experience management challenges with your fleet?
  • Do you have an unattended trailer with valuable cargo that you are worried about?
  • Saving TIME, MONEY and increasing the efficiency of your employees is quite simple.

Our powerful AnyFleet web portal and our products can definitely make managing your trailers easier!

We offer a new type of low cost tracking device for your industry.

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TrackLight was designed specifically for your industry.
It is a true innovation: its appearance, operation and installation are identical to those of a round 4″ or 6″ oval LED tail light.
Completely concealed, installation is quick and easy!


    • Robust, waterproof, resistant to water, dust, cold, hot temperatures and high pressure washing
    • Installation in 5 minutes, no rewiring on the trailer, no holes or damage to your equipment
    • Concealed and not visibleDifferent types of adapters available
    • Rechargeable and replaceable thermal battery, 3 months of autonomy without recharging
    • 2 years warranty
    • POSITIONING: 5 minutes in connected mode, 15 minutes in disconnected mode, 6 hours off
    • Facilitates the loan or rental of your trailers
    • Covers the United States, Canada and Mexico

Our WEB and MOBILE portal is free and feature rich!
It will benefit your operations by showing where your assets are at all times.


    • LANDMARK: Have an inventory of your yards in seconds with a list of them and the position on the map
    • GROUP: View your trailers by type or group
    • SHARE POSITION: Share your position with a customer at a set time
    • TRAIL HISTORY: See the history of your trailers’ movements
    • ALERT IN & OUT: Set up alerts to let you know when your trailer leaves and enters the perimeter you’ve set
    • ASSET UTILIZATION REPORT: See under-utilized trailers in an instant, percentage of use, Idle Time, Trip Report
    • GEOFENCE & ALERT: Receive alerts for area entries and exits
    • VIRTUAL ODOMETER (UP,DOWN): Measure the distance your trailers travel
    • MAINTENANCE: Receive notification when it’s time for maintenance
    • SHARING LINK: Share a trailer’s location with one of your drivers
    • ASSET UTILIZATION REPORT: See your stationary trailers every month
    • Full API for importing data to your own systems
    • WEB PORTAL: Web portal and Android and iOS mobile app included.

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