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Solar Powered Asset Tracker (TR1401)

Quick Specifications
●    solar powered, high efficiency panels charge even in low light
●    IP65 rated
●    Powerful backup battery provides up to 3 months operation in no light conditions
●    Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof
●    Uses the 4G cellular network for superior coverage
●    Motion sensors to detect movement

For those situations where a reliable power supply is not available, yet you have valuable assets that need to be monitored, the Anytrek solar powered asset tracker is the answer.

This is a robust, general use GPS tracker that is ideal for monitoring unpowered assets. Combining a high capacity rechargeable battery as well as high efficiency solar panel, the solar tracker can provide continuous tracking for months at a time, even longer when the unit is able to receive a few hours of sunshine a week. Reporting times can automatically vary to provide the optimum balance between frequency of updates and battery life. For example, when the tracker does not detect movement, it can reduce the reporting frequency to hourly, daily or longer. However as soon as movement is detected or the Geofence is breached, the unit can instantly report its location and increase the reporting frequency while it’s moving. The full functionality of the Anytrek portal, as well as smartphone applications provide quick and simple methods to view the status, location and history of the device.