In the trucking industry, a significant problem that owner operators face is keeping track of their equipment. Nowadays, there are plenty of GPS tracking solutions to know where the location of trucks and trailers, such as ELD devices, solar GPS tracking, and traditional GPS trailer trackers. But what kind of solutions are there to track a chassis when left at the port?

What is the solution to this problem in the industry?

There are not many places to install a GPS tracker on a chassis. Many times, chassis are left behind so that the driver can proceed to pick up another load. What is the solution to this problem in the industry? Anytrek has developed a product that is covert, easy to install, and cost-effective. Anytrek’s TrackLight is designed to fit like a regular taillight but with a GPS installed inside the light. This makes it the perfect GPS tracker for your chassis.

In Anytrek’s web portal, you can view and receive real-time location updates every 5 minutes once the TrackLight is installed. One of the most popular features in our web portal is setting up geofences. Every time a chassis enters and exits a port, you receive a notification on your phone. There are many more features available on our web portal to help you manage your fleet efficiently, such as asset management, maintenance notifications, and share location function to drivers/clients.


· Geofencing

· Instant Notifications on your phone

· Asset Management

· Maintenance Notification

· Share Function to Drivers & Clients

The TrackLight is available in two commercial standard sizes, including the 4” inch round light that fits in a chassis, trailer, flatbed, and box trucks. Our 6” inch oval light can is on tow trucks, RV’s, and service vehicles. In addition to different sizes, the lights are available in different colors such as red, amber, and clear. Most importantly, TrackLight is verified by the Department of Transportation. Tracking your equipment will save your company time and money. Equipping chassis with GPS-­enabled tracking devices would enhance visibility and provide better data for predictive planning and proactive management, leading to higher utilization, industry analysts said. This will lead to optimal use of your investment and will prevent over use and over buying.

Start your free trial of our TrackLight or request a demo today to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

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