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The New Standard For Bulk Liquid Transport

"ThermoTrack is here to change an old 19th-century practice and is innovating the way temperatures on liquid bulk tankers are being monitored and recorded. "

Safety should always be one of the number one priorities for any transportation company. Whether that be the safety of employees, customers, or the goods that are being transported. In the transportation and logistics industry, the quality and safety of liquid bulk are crucial to consumer safety as well as customer happiness. Many elements come into play when transporting temperature-sensitive chemicals and food-grade materials from one location to another safely and efficiently. One of the most important ways to reinforce safety and quality standards is to reliably and consistently check the temperatures of your shipments.

Standard analog thermometers are used to check cargo temperature to this day. This is a hundred-year-old technology and is an inefficient and inconvenient way of tracking temperatures. ThermoTrack is here to change an old 19th-century practice and is innovating the way temperatures on liquid bulk tankers are being monitored and recorded.

ThermoTrack is an easy-to-install, cloud-based, 4G Thermometer that relays both location and temperature information in real-time. This groundbreaking device is completely solar-powered and has a Li battery that recharges with sunlight. There is no wiring or modifications involved with the installation, simply remove the analog thermometer, rivet the holder, insert the probe, and screw on the main body. With a little bit of sunshine, you will be up, running, and have full visibility of your shipments. Since quality, safety, and customer satisfaction are your business’s top priorities, ThermoTrack makes it easier in keeping all parties with real-time temperatures every 15 minutes through T-Mobile’s 4G wireless spectrum. Through these real-time updates, your drivers will no longer need to pull over and read the cargo’s temperature. Instead, you and your customer can log in to our feature-rich portal, and check both the location and temperature of the shipment.

ThermoTrack is here to help make your life easier by doing the work for you while maintaining a sense of security knowing that you or your customer’s shipment will arrive safely at its destination. This sense of security is why ThermoTrack is the best device on the market to help you uphold your standards of safety. With the help of ThermoTrack, one of our biggest partners recently received an award for its safety measures in temperature monitoring and recording.

It is time you get out with the old and in with the new. 19th-century technology is going out of style and ThermoTrack is the new standard for bulk liquid transportation.

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