Technology is constantly evolving. In the trucking industry, telematics has been the technology for fleets for years. In December 2017, the ELD mandate gave a huge push for the use of this technology to all the trucks in the industry. But what about the trailers?
The money is in the cargo, every year shippers transport goods worth an estimated $14 trillion dollars. By upgrading your trailer to a smart trailer, your adding visibility to the transportation of valuable cargo and improving the efficiency of your business.

Smart Trailer Provides Security & Peace of Mind

Security is great for everyone involved – the shipper, the carrier, the truck driver, the insurance company and the bank. By adding smart technology to your trailer, insurance companies will offer lower premium rates. Insurance companies like to see that you are thinking ahead in worst case scenarios. If a load goes missing, they would be liable to cover the costs but if your trailer has the latest technology then the chances of recovering the trailer and the load are higher. Thus, insurance companies can provide lower premiums since there is lower risk.

Truck Drivers Can Increase Efficiency in Drop and Hook

Drop and Hook plays a big part in the industry. Yard management plays a huge role in fast and easy drop and hooks. By providing your trailer with smart technology, the dispatchers have a quick and efficient way to keep an eye on the pools and levels instantly. Manufacturers and shippers are very observant on pool trailers and the number of trailers that are required in a pool.

Delivery Updates Include Real Time Location, Speed and Direction

Clients appreciate when your trailers have the latest technology to provide insight on the location of the load. In return, by giving your trailer the latest technology you can get a return on your investment from satisfied clients that will continue to use your trucking company for their shipping and logistics needs.

Quick Ways Your Business Benefits from a Smart Trailer:

· Automation of work flows and processes

· Insurance costs decrease by tracking cargo

· Better monitoring of preventative maintenance

· Reduced labor costs, theft and accident liability

· Improved driver performance with ability to create rewards for safe behavior

There are many other areas that smart trailer technology can help fleets improve their bottom line. And that is what it is all about. Anytrek has developed a product that is covert, easy to install, and cost-effective. Anytrek’s TrackLight is designed to fit like a regular taillight but with a GPS installed inside the light.

Start your free trial of our TrackLight or request a demo today to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

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