As long as there have been load transportation, shippers have wanted to know the status of their freight. "Where's my load?" is a constant question that requires time, resources, and costs to answer. Technology has made providing an answer effortless, and in the process, provides opportunities for improved efficiencies all along the supply chain.

It's all about real-time freight visibility; the ability to track and monitor cargo throughout the supply chain from source to destination. Carriers, for years, relying on staff contacting drivers to satisfy customer demands for freight visibility. The industry has been looking for more efficient methods to meet their customer's needs and has progressed from phone calls to automated faxes to EDI status updates to web portals.

Shippers Need Visibility

For shippers, this is critical information. Visibility gives them some level of comfort, is it really on time, is it going to be late. Shippers are facing increasing pressure from their customers, and they need to have accurate load information, including not only the ETA but also where it currently is located. 

Lean inventories mean that retailers, manufacturers, and others must know the status of their shipments to keep operations moving and on schedule. Real-time visibility of their shipments means they are aware of problems sooner, allowing them to take action sooner. Schedules can be adjusted; loading docks can handle a truck that is already there instead of holding a dock open for a truck that's going to be three hours late.

How do Shippers Get More Visibility?

The critical enabler is having accurate real-time data on the location of the asset carrying the load. Tracking your shipment typically involves some GPS tracking devices with a 4G modem (3G is almost in sunset mode) that transmits metadata such as speed, direction, and location to a secure cloud server. From there, a web portal graphically displays all this information to the shipper.

At Anytrek, we realized that keeping shippers informed and up-to-date generates many benefits for the carrier including happy clients, reduced servicing costs, being seen as technologically advanced. To achieve this, we designed and implemented our 'Track-Share' function into our web portal.

Track-Share allows a customer service rep or dispatcher to generate a one-time-key to email to a shipper. When the shipper receives the key, it opens a read-only session on their web browser, which displays a map showing only the vehicle that is delivering their load. They can follow the real-time progress of the vehicle on the map display and have all the information they require to provide to their customers. The customer service representative sets the expiration time for the key. Finally, the session will close, and the key will not be valid anymore.

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