Anytrek's technology can assist in keeping your trailers on the road.

Anytrek’s technology can assist in reducing unexpected roadside maintenance calls

American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council said its first-quarter 2021 TMC/FleetNet America Vertical Benchmarking Program found an industry-wide increase in the frequency of unscheduled roadside maintenance.

The data indicate that the maintenance practices of the best-in-class fleets in each vertical resulted in lower costs for those fleets. For example, the leading fleet in the tank vertical operated twice as many miles between roadside breakdowns than the average for the tank vertical.

Whilst many roadside breakdowns are tractor related, a significant proportion are caused by the generally overlooked component; the trailer.

Tractors are increasingly becoming smarter with onboard diagnostics and telematics that can assist in identifying and warning of conditions before they become serious and expensive. Trailers for the most part do not have this ability which is why Anytrek developed a maintenance reminder function for its TrackLight and ThermoTrack trailer trackers. This function allows time or distance based alerts to be set for the major service items such as tires, brakes etc. and sends email notifications of upcoming services as they become due. The web portal shows color coded service bookings to provide a clear visual of bookings that are almost due (orange) and overdue (red).

Breakdowns are expensive, Anytrek’s maintenance reminder function comes free with all TrackLights and ThermoTrack GPS trailer trackers.

For more information on Anytrek’s GPS trailer tracking solutions, you can contact us at or by telephone at 1-833-985-1533.

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