ThermoTrack Series

Solar-Powered 4G-Connected Tanker Thermometer with GPS

ThermoTrack is a plug-in replacement for all analog tanker thermometers. Powered by a solar panel and rechargeable battery, it is simple and quick to install as it does not require any wiring or custom installation.

ThermoTrack contains a digital thermometer, GPS module, 4G modem, digital display and a backup battery which is recharged by the built-in solar panel and allows up to 60 days reporting when sunlight is not available. The digital thermometer connects to the inner tanker shell via a well probe or lug cable.

ThermoTrack is suitable for both hot and cold loads as it monitors temperatures from -58 F to +257 F. It is also suitable for food, Kosher and chemical loads. Designed with an IP65 rating, ThermoTrack is suitable for hot caustic washes.

Our ThermoTrack Series Products

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Solar-Powered Digital Tanker Thermometer with GPS Tracking

ThermoTrack model VT2002 with GPS tracking and real-time location/temperature data uploads enables you to monitor the location and temperature of a load while it’s being transported, providing you with verifiable proof of the status of the cargo during hotwash, loading, transit and unloading.

Powered by the sun as well as a durable Li-ion battery for backup, ThermoTrack requires absolutely no wiring or customization to your tankers.

Designed to simply replace existing tanker thermometers, ThermoTrack is 100% compliant with the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and eliminates time wasted by pulling over to record temperatures and to calibrate a standard analogue thermometer.

Inside the case, the thermometer employs several cutting-edge technologies: the latest 4G/LTE modem, a powerful GPS module, highly accurate digital temperature probe and a fast microprocessor with 16MB flash memory. Durable batteries, solar panels and the advanced power management technology embedded within ThermoTrack allows it to continuously record and transmit data, providing live reporting at an upload frequency of every 60 minutes. Real-time battery levels are displayed on the device’s LCD screen and low battery warnings are sent both via SMS alerts and on the web portal. With a temperature range from -58 F to 257◦ F, ThermoTrack is suitable for food grade and hot-load tankers, as well as hot caustic washes between loads.

Features & benefits

  • Real-time proof of the load’s temperature during transport
  • Directly replace the existing analog thermometer, either the direct front mounted or with a gauge holder
  • No wiring required: Solar panel and rechargeable battery provide continuous power
  • Free of calibration
  • Report temperature and location every 60 minutes (by default)
  • Automatically upload temperature and location to Anytrek cloud server
  • Suitable for food grade and hot load tankers
  • IP65-rated sealed enclosure
  • Future-friendly: Uses 4G/LTE cellular network but can also roll back to 3G for superior coverage
  • Internal Cellular and GPS antennas
  • Web-based device management

Technical specifications

  • Material: Polycarbonate Lens, PC/ABS Housing
  • Housing Color: Gray
  • Power:Solar-powered and rechargeable battery
  • Amperage: 0.075A-0.2A
  • Certifications: FCC, ROHS, CE, IC, PTCRB
  • Connectivity: 4G
  • Back-Up Battery: 3.7 V Li 5100 mAH
  • Location Technology: GPS GLONASS
  • Sensors: Temperature

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