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In-Dash Covert Tracker (VT1508)

Quick Specifications
●    Updates location every 60 seconds while moving
●    Quickly installed behind the dash, completely covert.
●    Powerful backup battery provides up to 3 months standby operation
●    Provides status for moving, idle and stopped
●    Uses the 3G cellular network for robust coverage
●    Motion sensors used to detect movement and 'wake' device

●    Monitors engine idling conditions

Designed for quick, simple and hidden installation, this economical and robust device provides continuous 24/7 location monitoring, even under arduous conditions.

Completely covert and invisible, this unit is an ideal fit for truck rental, fleet leasing, vehicle and plant finance, and many other automotive and heavy plant tracking applications.

Installation is straightforward and unlike OBD mounted trackers, it cannot be seen and removed.
Featuring the latest u-blox 7 generation GPS chipset, along with built-in 1000 mAh backup battery, ultra-low power sleep modes, 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection, and intelligent firmware; this is the ideal device for tracking any vehicle using 12 or 24 volt batteries.
Reporting every 60 seconds while moving, the device stores location updates whenever it encounters an area without mobile coverage, and sends them to the server as soon as coverage is regained. This ensures there are no lost location reports for any journey.
The tracker uses the 3G networks from the major US telco’s and switches between them to automatically use the strongest network to provide superior reporting reliability.

The device connects to the vehicle's accessory circuit and can tell when the engine is running and whether the vehicle is moving or stationary.

The built-in standby battery will continue to report locations every 15 minutes for up to 3 months if the vehicle's battery has been disconnected.

Reporting every minute means the location data and calculated mileage is used to generate IFTA fuel reports which can be accessed on the Anytrek portal.

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