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For Commercial Market

Our In-Dash GPS tracker is the ideal fit for truck rentals, fleet leasing, commercial vehicles, and many other automotive and heavy plant tracking applications.


If you have a small business and would like to monitor your drivers, this is the solution for you. 


Updates location every minute while moving

Quick and easy to install behind the dash

Backup battery lasts up

to 3 months on standby

Monitors engine idling conditions for owners

Motion sensors used to detect movement and 'wake' device

4G Cellular Network used for coverage to track

Ideal fit for vehicles with 12 or 24 volt batteries 

Device stores location updates when no service available

Economical - 


Our in-dash GPS monitoring system can help you improve dispatching and routing. By managing and mapping the routes drivers will use, you can stay on top of overall productivity. 

Increased productivity means direct savings to your business and more money in your pocket. 

Peace of mind - 


Know where your assets are at all times. In-dash allows you to have complete visibility from your mobile phone 24/7. 

Protect your investment from theft. Get 

alerts when a vehicle leaves an area that is not authorized. Geofencing is available to set up perimeters to protect your assets. 

Optimize Business - 


Our Anytrek Fleet web portal allows you to track your inventory quicker, improve operations, and use our utilization reports to maximize your assets. 


In addition, easily access your IFTA fuel reports as well. 

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About the In-Dash Tracker

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24/7 Location monitoring for all commercial vehicles in industry 

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