Dash Cam | United States | Anytrek Corporation

Active GPS Dash Cam (VT1501)

Quick Specifications
●    Reports location while moving every 60 seconds
●    Records hi-res video onto supplied 32 Gb storage card
●    Video playback shows footage, Google Map, time stamp and motion
●    Standby battery provides up to 1 month continual use when unpowered
●    Uses the 3G cellular network for superior coverage
●    Motion sensors to detect movement

The portal and free smartphone apps provides a feature rich environment where the vehicle’s location and condition can be monitored, historical journeys replayed and asset utilization analyzed.
The Anytrek dash cam offers driver, vehicle and load security. Simple
and quick to install, the device can be up and running, protecting
personnel and vehicles instantly. It comes complete with an integrated
3G SIM card providing 24/7 location updates as well as a 32GB
removable storage card to store up to 6 hours of recorded journeys.

Available with either a plug to fit into a standard 12 volt power socket or an optional 'hard wiring' lead for permanent connection to the vehicle's electrical system.

Dash Cam and GPS tracker in one device.


It may look like a normal high resolution dash camera, but it is also a 3G cellular phone as well as a GPS tracker.
Most high end dash cams use GPS to ‘geotag’ the video as it is being recorded, but at the moment none of them go the next step by
providing the ability for them to be tracked in real time from any web connected device.
Anytrek’s Active GPS Dash Cam meets this need by combining all of the functionality associated with dash cams such as Hi-Res recording of
journeys, geotagging routes with GPS coordinates, 3 axis shock sensor and playback software with a fully functioning GPS tracker* that
accurately tracks the location, speed and direction of the vehicle and transmits this data via the 3G cellular network every 60 seconds to a
secure web portal.
Complete with its own backup battery, the dash cam continues to update its location over the web even when the vehicle is powered
down, providing security over assets no matter where they are.