Frequently Asked Questions


Does TrackLight and the other trackers from Anytrek need an ongoing service plan to work?

Yes. In the same way a cellular phone has a regular fee in order to remain connected, the trackers from Anytrek also use a 3G/4G sim to send location reports to the web portal which requires a service plan in order to remain connected. Unlike a lot of other GPS tracking providers, we don't lock you in to any contract and you simply pay month by month for as long as you need to. We offer discounts on service plan bundles for 3, 6 and 12 month periods.

Will Anytrek devices work outside of North America?

Absolutely yes! Our cellular connection will work in over 175 countries around the globe. Locally, we have customers whose trucks travel from Mexico through the USA and into Canada and with every location point recorded. We have devices in Guatemala, Canada and even Australia. Our connection technology will seamlessly switch between telcos, depending on which one has the strongest signal in the area regardless if you're going across city lines, county lines, state lines or even country borders. All this for the same cost effective monthly fee.

Is there an activation fee with your devices?

No, the purchase price and monthly service plan are the only payments required.

How long will the tracking history for my devices be available?

As long as you're an active customer of Anytrek, your tracking history will never be deleted, and we don't charge for storage.

Do you offer discounts for purchases of multiple devices?

Yes. Volume discounts do apply. Please talk to us and we will work with you to arrive at an affordable price.

What happens if the devices lose cellular connection?

Our devices are equipped with on-board flash memory. So if a device can not send back data because there’s no network, it will keep recording and wait until there is network coverage again. The device will then upload the stored reports with no missing data.

Can I install the device by myself?

Of course. We designed them to be as simple as possible to install. The most complex would be our under-dash device which requires 3 connections into the vehicle's wiring system; permanent power, accessory power and a ground. We can provide installation guides and videos for all of our devices. TrackLight is as simple as changing a tail light.

Do the devices work on both 12 and 24 volt vehicles?

Yes they do and there is no need for voltage adaptors or any other changes.

So where should I install a TrackLight?

TrackLight is unique in that it draws power from the lighting circuit. We strongly recommend that you replace your tail/stop lamp with a TrackLight as it can draw power from the lighting circuit as well as the brake circuit.


Does the TrackLight work on all trailer types?

As long as your trailer is using 4" round (or 6" oval) tail lights, either incandescent lamp or LED style, then the answer is yes! TrackLight uses the Fit 'N Forget plug which is common with newer trailers, however Anytrek offers a variety of adaptor cables so you don't need to modify your trailer's wiring loom.

How easy is it to install a 4" TrackLight?

Our saying is 'If you can change a tail light, you can install a TrackLight'. Any shop, maintenance centre or driver can install a TrackLight.

Which tailight do I replace with TrackLight?

TrackLight has been designed to replace a trailer's tail/stop lights as it draws power from both circuits. Do not use TrackLight to replace a turn light as these do not provide sufficient power.

Web Portal

Can I see all of my devices on one page?

Yes, the web portal opening screen shows all of the devices associated with your account. You can then click on individual devices in the left hand column to zoom in. The user guide for using the portal is available from the Support page on

Can I set geofences for my trackers?

Yes you can, and it's a very simple process. Click on the device you want to Geofence, and then click on 'Alarm Settings' at the bottom of the screen. This will open a new window with a red circle representing the Geofence centred around the location of the selected tracker. You can change the size of the circle by dragging any of the dots on the circle's edge or move it by clicking and holding the central dot. Once you've done that, give the Geofence a name that is meaningful to you and enter a cellular number to receive the alerts. Any time the tracker leaves or enters the Geofence, you will receive a text message on your phone, and a flashing icon will appear next to the tracker in the left hand column on the portal.