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We're all about designing innovative solutions to enhance our customer's operations.

Our Mission
At Anytrek we are focused on developing effective GPS tracking and

information systems that provide trucking businesses with a competitive edge by optimizing their fleet, enhancing their customer service and

providing a safer environment for their mobile workforce.

Our People

Our people define Anytrek and in turn the products and services we

bring to the market. We are fortunate to employ a rich pool of talent

who are at the leading edge of GPS, wireless, solar, microprocessor,

mobile and 3D printing technologies. We encourage innovation,

we foster lateral thinking, and we reward initiative. Our team is focused,

well-educated and hungry to learn more and make their mark.

The result is great solutions for our customers.

Our Services

We firmly believe in delivering solutions to our customers that work perfectly, no matter how complex. The only way to guarantee this is to own the complete solution so that all the pieces are under our control and can be enhanced immediately.
All of the hardware, software, smartphone applications and web applications are designed and developed by Anytrek.
This not only allows us to deliver stable integrated solutions, we can also quickly design and deliver bespoke solutions to meet any unique requirements our customers may have.

Our Company

Anytrek was formed in 2009 to focus on designing and delivering GPS solutions utilizing the latest technology. The head office is located in Shenzhen where 80% of the world’s mobile phones are manufactured. This provides for an amazing supply of talented, educated and experienced staff.
Anytrek Corporation was established in California in 2015 to reflect the focus on the US heavy transport market and has its own support structure for existing customers, as well as a quick response development team to respond to any unique customer requirements.

Head Office - West Coast

4405 E. Airport Dr, Suite 106 Ontario, CA, 91761 USA

Ph: 844 872 6987


Rafael Guizar 4-A, Tlalpexco GAM CDMX CP. 07188

Ph: 664 518 5099

Email: cris@anytrek.com

East Coast

39 Pearce Road Bluffton, SC 29910

Ph: 949 838 6177

Email: EastCoast@anytrek.com


1275 Boulevard Dionne, Saint-Georges, PQ G5Y 0R4 (Suite 309)

Ph: 833 985 1533

Email: info@anytrek.ca